The Lowe Down

The Lowe Down

Four Ways to Tighten up your Abdominal Workout

Published April 8th, 2020 by Norma Lowe Fitness LLC

If I had an country for each time someone asked me how to get a six-pack, I’d own the world. Here are my Top Four tips that will take you from flab to fab, from blah to oohs and aahs in no time. You must breathe properly, add resistance, integrate your abs training via compound movements and strategically curate your food intake.

  1. Breathe. A key and indispensable part of any ab/core training, correct breathing determines the tempo of a movement and how much time under tension (T.U.T) the muscles receive. I constantly  see exercisers holding their breath while pulsing up and down …fast. The importance of a slow, controlled tempo cannot be stressed enough. Think of filling a plastic bag with air on your inhalation, eccentric movement,  and deflating or emptying it on your exhalation, the concentric  movement.
  2. Use resistance.  Have you ever worked your biceps sans resistance? It would be hard to hypertrophy the midsection, get all those delicious cuts, without a dumbbell, plate, cable, ball, bar or other prop. Begin with a weight that allows you to do 8-10 reps then increase the resistance as soon as this is no longer challenging. Train the abs/core to exhaustion with a reasonable volume: 8-12 sets of 2 to 4 exercises to maintain your interest, but 1-2 movements work just as well.
  3. Integrate.Work your entire body as this leads to more core involvement. Use movements that force you to brace, involve your deep core and lead to more core stabilization and strength. Squats, standing chest presses, lunges, dead lifts, pull ups, all qualify. Even if you are a bodybuilder who typically trains body-parts in isolation, adding some oly lifts will definitely help your core.
  4. Choose ab-friendly foods and portion sizes. This  blog is coming soon, but  begin your fat loss now by placing all your carbs into 3 categories: Anytime, Sometimes and Hardly Ever. For example, Squash,  quinoa, lentils, nuts and seeds are in the “Anytime” column, rice is in the “Seldom” column and chocolate cake/alcohol/pasta (your favorite sugar here ) is  in the “Hardly Ever”(once, twice per year) column. And simple does it: One carb, one protein, and one or two veggies per plate is ideal and helps to prevent overeating. Alcohol is a very real culprit if you are trying to lose fat. Check out the this link for a more thorough examination of how it metabolizes in the body.

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