The Lowe Down

The Lowe Down

Abortunities™ or How to Give Your Abs the Time and Attention They Need to Look Great..

Published April 8th, 2020 by Norma Lowe Fitness LLC


Abortunities ™ The ability to do Abs anywhere in the gym or on any piece of equipment. An Abdominal Opportunity.

If you spend even a minute waiting to use the ab machine, or to find a spot in the specially designated “Ab/stretching area, stop it at once . Save time and improve the flow of your workout by using the space more efficiently.

When training abs, correct breathing is crucial. Please exhale on the exertion and use controlled movement. Do equal sets of abs and the strength movement you’re super-setting. For example, 4 sets of DB rows and 4 sets of abs in alternating fashion is splendid.

Here are 5 Abortunities.

  1. Did you just finish a bout of cardio on the treadmill? Grab the handles as if you were about to dip, and do Leg Lifts and Leg Swings.
  2. Doing a bench Dumbell Row? Sit on the edge of the bench and do Knee ups or weighted Russian Twists. Or how about Bench Jump-overs?
  3. Just completed a  Snatch or standing Overhead barbell press? Unrack the bar and do some Barbell rainbows . Or perform Rollouts with one or more plates on the bar.
  4. Doing pull ups or chin ups? Lift  the knees up in front of the body (45- 90 degree angle) to torch the Abs. Windshield Wipers work equally well and will definitely spark some admiration .
  5. Every movement can be an Abortunity™. When using the Hyperextension bench, why not do a modified pike?
  6. Exercise of The Week: Bench Ab Dip

See you next time.

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