About Us

About Us

Welcome to Norma Lowe Fitness, Home of the exciting VR20™ programs and so much more. VR20™ stands for Visible Results in 20 Sessions. It is a type of circuit that I developed over years of working with clients and finding them solutions to their various fitness issues especially abdominal and core training. These circuits will increase your lean muscle mass as well as your aerobic capacity. We are proud to offer this fun, unique program via zoom or other video- conferencing app of your choice.

If you believe that you can achieve your fitness goals, You must Act on that belief by taking pro-active steps (a dedicated exercise program for example). Only then can you get to a space of Motivated Maintenance. Your fitness has to evolve via a mindful strategy. The VR20, 2-1-0 © lean food plan™ is the perfect and necessary complement to your weight/fat -loss program.

If fitness is a journey, you’ll find the most scenic route at Norma Lowe Fitness. With no end to the Covid-19 restrictions in sight, Norma Lowe Fitness will offer only virtual / online and Park/outdoor training until further notice.

Continue your fitness journey here!

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