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Welcome to Norma Lowe Fitness, Home of the exciting VR20™ programs and so much more. VR20™ stands for Visible Results in 20 Sessions. It is a type of circuit that I developed over years of working with clients and finding them solutions to their various fitness issues especially abdominal and core training. These circuits will increase your lean muscle mass as well as your aerobic capacity. We are proud to offer this fun, unique program via zoom or other video- conferencing app of your choice.

If you believe that you can achieve your fitness goals, You must Act on that belief by taking pro-active steps (a dedicated exercise program for example). Only then can you get to a space of Motivated Maintenance. Your fitness has to evolve via a mindful strategy. The VR20, 2-1-0 © lean food plan™ is the perfect and necessary complement to your weight/fat -loss program.

If fitness is a journey, you’ll find the most scenic route at Norma Lowe Fitness. With no end to the Covid-19 restrictions in sight, Norma Lowe Fitness will offer only virtual / online and Park/outdoor training until further notice.

Norma Lowe Fitness


All of our training services from Circuits  to Stretching, are tailored to get you to your goal results faster. 


What People Are Saying

  • I have trained with Norma Lowe since 2010, at both Equinox and in my Battery Park apartment building gym.

    During our 10 years of training together, Norma has proven to be knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, caring and innovative—and at the same time, not afraid to provide “tough (workout) love” when need be.

    When the pandemic hit and gym use was  suspended, I went through Norma withdrawal only to discover that she offered virtual workouts. I was leery of a Zoom workout, but after signing up—the workouts did not miss a beat.

    So glad I did. Aside from helping me to keep in shape and being able to eat a slice of pizza without feeling guilty, most importantly, Norma is largely responsible for my (at the age of 60) being able to keep up with my 5 and 7 year olds on a daily basis—no small accomplishment. She sets the “bar” high—in more ways than one.

  • Norma and I have worked together since 2013 and my body has definitely changed. She always stressed that the work is ongoing as she sneakily pushes me to my limits. Norma is a caring coach who is constantly continuing her education. Her clients benefit from this . Recently, I had a frozen shoulder and she immediately designed a program to restore my shoulder mobility . I highly recommend her if you want safe, effective exercise. She is not easy, but in life, nothing of value is.

  • I have been training with Norma for 6 years now and this has changed my life. Norma is a dedicated coach who is able to understand your expectations. Under her supervision I have made amazing progress regarding my general shape. More recently I had hip surgery and was amazed to see how Norma was anxious to make me recover 100% and as fast as possible. Being a doctor I know how important it is to care for people and Norma is caring. Her coaching is going beyond physical since she is able to understand the impact of our stressful life on our condition and to take care of her clients using a holistic approach.

The Lowe Down


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As the holy grail of self-care, fitness should always be a priority, but with Covid-19 pretty much defining 2020, causing so much stress and disruption, starting or continuing a workout program is set to be the top New Year’s resolution for millions of Americans.       At the same time, most people are still leery of returning to a big box gym for fear of contracting Covid and have decided to workout at home. Home fitness equipment sales increased by 170% this year and shows no signs of slowing.  What are the best workouts to do at home? ...

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Can Muscle Turn Into Fat?

The short answer is no. Nor does fat turn into muscle. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. Muscle is mainly made up of proteins. Fat is adipose tissue. If you “used to be muscular“ and stopped exercising and or eating well, your skeletal muscle mass (SMM) will decrease and you’ll store more adipose. Your body composition will change.

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